synthetic virus. Did they create life from non-life?">
Scientists recently created a synthetic virus. Did they create life from non-life?
Posted by potatono 17 years ago, closed 17 years ago
there's no doubt.
la_bomba: if it smells like coffe, it looks like coffe and it tastes like coffe then it has to be coffe.. same thing goes for viruses.. (or other "syntetic" life forms) .. this will be argued again in the future when scientists create syntetic humans and raise the question whether they also can be regarded as "real" humans.. forgive my materialistic philosophy, for even I wished there was something more to life than just structured atoms..
Well, Prometheus says...
bender: The assembled a virus from molecules that were "bio-genic" in the first place - it's more genetic re-engineering.
la_bomba: ok. so it was a "frankenstein virus"? in that case, it shouldnt be called entirely syntethical, dont you agree..?