Most expensive single item you've ever purchased (excluding house or vehicle)?
Posted by Hornpipe2 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
Jewelry (necklace, earringes, engagement ring, watch...)
Home entertainment (stereo, TV, video game hardware)
Collectible (rare comic book, stamp, sports memorabilia)
Musical Instrument
Piece of Furniture
Clothing or other fashion accessory
jtown: I really had to think about that one. I'm pretty sure the only thing (besides a vehicle) that was more than a grand is my ibook. My camcorder was more expensive but it was a gift. And my 486DX/33 was over two grand but it's long gone and it was also a gift. Other than that, pretty much everything I own (or have owned) was $500 or less.
Max Webster: My bass rig is over CAN$10 000.  
But that is including 3 Cabinets, 2 amps, 2 basses. I'm counting it as one thing regardless.
deathburger: $10K Canadian is around $2.50 US, right?
fabulon7: Can you play Might As Well Go For a Soda?
Does a Graduate Degree Count?
mhamrick23: I've spent a fair amount on that over the last couple of years.
Soya: Yep...grad degree takes it.
Does a motorcycle count as a vehicle
LowFlyingMule: in this poll? If not then that's my most expensive personal purchase. After that it would be a home theater and sound system.
lagbnaft: I would have to say art. Although I'm not a large collector I do have a few pieces that would easily by a nice car (or two).
dude, that's some serious cash to lay down.