Mikey and Sandy's baby will...
Posted by Bud Tugly 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
be an actor. In 2038 he will win the Best Actor Oscar for his sensitive portrayal of a gay Han Solo in 'Star Wars versus Star Trek'.
be the 3rd female President of the United States.
be the Landing Pod Commander on the first manned mission to Mars.
invent something so cool - nobody has even thought of it yet!
win an Olympic gold medal in curling.
make Albert Einstein look like a drooling idiot.
Bud Tugly: 3rd female President of the United States it is!  
I hope she's a Republican!
deathburger: By that point they'll have swapped political identities, you know. The Republicans of 50 years from now will look like the Democrats of today.  
Not that they aren't all wearing the same sheep's clothing today, that is.
fabulon7: When you're that old, you'll want free health care. So you probably don't want her to be a republican.
Bud Tugly: Healthcare is never ever free.
Bud Tugly: I don't get it.
sandwoman13: How do you know it's a she?
fabulon7: Cornpone is from the future. He told me.
Bud Tugly: There were "boy" options.
sandwoman13: But "boy" didn't win.
fabulon7: Cornpone told everybody.
Bud Tugly: Personally, I was hoping for 'Star Trek vs. Star Wars'.
Bud Tugly: How about starring in Star Trek vs. The Goonies ?  
sandwoman13: Oh, you're going to make me cry.