How often do you restart your computer?
once a day
twice a day
3/5 times a day
more than 5
testicle: Only in times of kernel upgrading.
deathburger: Indeed. It's nice having things just work, unlike other systems called Windows which we won't name.  
"You have breathed too fast. Windows must now reboot."
fabulon7: You know, Windows irritates me often. But I've been using it way more than I have been using linux for the past 6 months.  
How many times has Windows made me reboot?  
Not once. This criticism is old an no longer accurate. There are plenty of other things to compain about when it comes to Microsoft. Why keep harping on something they seem to have mostly fixed?
deathburger: I don't use XP at all, however from what I've seen it only asks to be rebooted about 10% less of the time, the big one it doesn't ask for anymore being when you alter network settings. That probably also depends on what you're actually doing with it then. If you're just visiting websites and checking your email, you'll probably never have to reboot.
FoolProof: I had to reboot WinXp all the time when I was file sharing. It would get bogged down and suuuuppeeeerrrr sssssllloooooowwwww. It was teh suck.
FoolProof: Outside of that it hasn't really been problematic.
crataegus: I have to reboot WinXP at least once a day at my office, but that probably has more to do with the mandatory remote installs from IT.  

Hey! File sharing is illegal!
testicle: Despite using linux, I still run Windows XP on the family computer and you're right. Needing to reboot all the time is no longer an issue.  
Now those random crashes, they're the killer.  
...just kidding.
ampersand2001: once a week