If a person says that he loves his country and someone dissents from that, which of them is more patriotic?
Posted by Bud Tugly 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
The person that loves his country
The dissenter
Could you define ...
kingskyprawn: ... what "that" is? Maybe paraphrasing the question in your reply would help.  
So the dissenter disagrees
LowFlyingMule: with the patriot. The patriot loves his country, the dissenter does not. Based on those two facts, i vote the patriot is more patriotic.
Not clear
Soya: Love country...someone dissents? Or love country and someone is critical of the policies or actions of the country? The later is more patriotic...dissent can be based on love of country and ideals...it can be, and indeed is, patriotic to dissent. phew...long comment but i couldn't vote.
standing up and demanding right action by your country is more patriotic than blindly following the decisions of individuals working for the government. Critical analysis of the effectiveness of government is more patriotic in a republic than adherence to the status quo. The reverse is true in a totalitarian government.
Soya: Well said, Fluff...well said.