There should be a 24/7 "Good Eats" channel:
Posted by deathburger 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
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substrate: I've only ever seen maybe 4 episodes but it's an awesome show. I like the geeky side of cooking and understanding why things happen. He showed me how to make the bestest steaks ever.
Schauspieler: I was just imagining that they have him on the air 24/7 and after about a week he just loses it.....On a show about how to make Pop Tarts at 3 am.
deathburger: rofl  
I was thinking something more along the lines of reruns and other shows which support it, like a short documentary on the sugar beet or something.
Schauspieler: Yeah, I know....I could watch his shows over and over.....great stuff