Your first internet access type:
Posted by thatmikeykid 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
ARPAnet connection at a college or military institution
Other (comment)
testicle: 14.4k dialup, ow.
Mac: First work access I worked on/setup was a Compuserve mail-only dialup service (  
First personal was a Netcom NetCruiser account...predated traditional web browsers. It was really just a graphical front-end for gopher, telnet, etc.
deathburger: Dialing in to the local college and telnetting around to MUDs.  
Wasn't supposed to be using the college system at all either.
Kassi42: Good poll. My parents bought into AOL, but as soon as I found out that my dad got a free dialup login for home via his work, I tapped into that. My parents live way out in the country (about 20 minutes outside of Fayetteville) and weren't able to have high speed internet until just 3 years ago. They still have no way of getting cable television. No one wants to run cables out that far. Of course they have some sort of satellite system instead.
Hornpipe2: Our family had a dialup account with SkyNET.  
No, not THAT SkyNET.
Hugh2d2: Q-Link on my Commodore 64. I connected at a screaming 300 baud.
LinusMines: :: high-fives H2D2 ::
thatmikeykid: wow, i still have my 300bps modem for my c64. wonder if it still works.
deathburger: Wonder if there's anyplace that you could connect to with it that wouldn't bump you off for connecting too slow.
Great Poll
leyman: Triggered some fond memories... 1988, just enrolled in grad school. I and my professor girlfriend had bought our first PC, an IBM something that cost three or four grand. Dial-up connection to the university mainframe, and from there you would bop about logging in to other university mainframes, reading and downloading text files that looked interesting. Then you would go to the front door of DARPA and unsuccessfully try to enter. There couldn't have been more than 20 or 30 nodes on the net in total at that time.  
Truly amazing how the internet has grown in 20 years...
hmarshall: Commodore Amiga 2000 blasting out at 1200 baud to any BBS where I could get a connection established..  
Recalling all the AT commands makes my head hurt..
deathburger: Then ATZ0.  
hmarshall: AT&C1.. I think..
deathburger: ATE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2S0=0  
Don't ask me why I still remember that, the external 2400 modem it was used with has long since bit the dust. (power surge)