How/where did you buy your current computer?
Posted by webhead 13 years ago, closed 13 years ago
Directly through the company who built it.
Through an electronics store.
I built my own.
testicle: I bought it at an ex-government sale, a few years back when I was in desperate need.
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Actually worked : ).  
Oh, and it's VERY nice - one of the new Intels tons of space runs great. Love it. never going back to PC , etc....
deathburger: But it is a PC. Any computer you take home and use for yourself is a PC.  
I always get a chuckle out of ads trying to sell "Business PCs". So it's a business personal computer, huh?
Kassi42: : P
I admit it.
FoolProof: Best Buy.  
I was given a HUGE gift card, though, so I had no choice.
LowFlyingMule: Me too Ss...couldn't afford not to do it.
There's a story behind this one.
webhead: I have a state agency who wants to buy my new computer for me. They only want to do it there way, and go through some vender instead of directly through a company, (or a custom build.) Basically, they said they were going to go buy the peaces, then send it off to another "vender" to have it assembled. I bought my computer at an electronics store three years ago, and I've had problems with it all along, (it's a compac.) SO, I'm not too happy about each peace being made by a separate company, and then having the system assembled somewhere else.
ampersand2001: yr mom!