Democrats! Which house of congress do you want to win more?
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
The House of Representatives - Woo-hoo! The power to impeach!
The Senate - The power to block Supreme Court nominees!
Quit fucking around.
darkstar: I'm damn serious.
Bud Tugly: ??
darkstar: As I've told you, I don't appreciate your habit of testing the limits of trolling. It's disruptive.  
If it happened once or twice, it's entirely believable that it's just a fluke. But you've made it a regular habit to push the envelope on what is technically allowable.  
I'm happy to have vibrant discussion and debate about politics. But we're not going to have another election season full of trolling (quasi-trolling, proto-trolling, whatever) and disrespecting each other like 2004.
Bud Tugly: I'm sorry, but its my style to poke fun.  
I joke about politics. I take it seriously too, but I can laugh about it.  
I poke fun at Republicans as well Democrats...  
"Don't I know it!"
Does that make me evil?