Xmas Tree?
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Festivus Pole
thatmikeykid: It broke my heart when I found out that my parents had begun using a fake tree.
darkstar: ...three-feet tall on a table.  
Festooned with really nice glass ornaments, garland and miniature lights.  
For a couple of bachelors (me and my Stepdad), it's enough.  
It already has a couple of prezzies under the tree, too.
smith: We were given our current tree (fake) when clu's parents decided not to put up a tree anymore. We just put it up in full form this year for the first time. WE went with fushia, lime green, purple, teal and orange. It's bright and obnoxious. I love it.  
Oh..and my brother decorates designer trees as a side job, so he did my wreath and garlands and helped with the tree. He ties amazing bows. A skill not to be underrated this time of year.
fb-: Oh..and my brother decorates designer trees as a side job.  
Neat. Never knew there was such a thing.
windfall tree
vinfille: We have an artificial one that we bought last year after shopping too late for a real tree. I was planning on dragging it out next weekend. But then... last night we stopped by the neighborhood wine shop to see what they were tasting and to have a chat about the classes that I'll be teaching for them next spring. While we were there, the husband of a coworker who's also friends with the wine shop owner stopped by after delivering a lot of trees for a local charity. He had two left over, and insisted that we take one. So, randomly and out of the blue, we have a beautiful 10-ft live tree that smells fabulous and is dropping needles all over the floor. Sweet.
fabulon7: I can't get behind killing a tree just to have it hang around my living room and create a mess for four weeks. Especially where I live -- there is a serious shortage of trees. They've all been replaced with Home Depot's.
fb-: Home-grown palm in a bucket with lights for me. No killing, just cart it back out to the porch when I'm done with it inside.
PAgent: In my neck of the woods, that's like saying "I can't stand the thought of a stalk of corn getting cut down for my nourishment".  
The hills are full of Christmas tree farms. It's a cash crop.