Most Intuitive place to put your dirty socks (must choose)?
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago, closed 12 years ago
In the dirty clothes hamper
On the back of someone's car
yojspew: I answered the first option but sometimes I'm tempted to do the second  
anyway this is my first time here in linkfilter..and so far I've been enjoying my stay...^^;
FoolProof: Welcome!
Mac: I tend to just throw them 'near' the clothes hamper...somehow, they get up, walk themselves to the laundry room, clean themselves, and appear magically in my sock drawer a day or 2 later.  
shigpit: I'm surprised you don't just hand 'em to Mrs. Mac upon removing them and say, "Please remember to iron them this time."
darkstar: Light starch.
FoolProof: Last time I very nearly escaped developing a slight rash.
Schauspieler: the time before that I nearly broke my ankle trying to put them on