Are you looking forward to the last Harry Potter book being released this month?
Posted by Kassi42 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
Yes, can't wait!
No HP fans are weird
No opinion/don't care/don't wanna play the Harry Potter poll game
AB: Nope, I've lost interest in the series.  
Its fans aren't all THAT weird. ;P
Kassi42: You obviously haven't been to a Barnes and Noble on the release date. I'd advise you not to go or TO go and be freaked out. I was totally freaked out the last time a book came out. But then, that was before I had read the series.
Hugh2d2: I read the first book, (at the insistence of my nephew) and have only watched the first three movies.  
It's entertaining, but I'm not a Potterhead.
crataegus: I'm going to try and hang out at the Barnes and Noble and whisper to teenage girls what the last Horcrux is.
AB: A little less overjoyed concerning the destruction and disrepair, but yeah, same here.
are you calling me weird?
librarianbarbie: i usually dress as Hermione but this year i might be Ginny instead. My hair is bushy like Hermione but it is red right now which is more Ginny.
SpearmintFur: Hawt.