Do you use metafilter?
Posted by webhead 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
webhead: I'm thinking about joining, but since you have to pay, not exacty sure if it's worth it.
crataegus: I don't read it regularly anymore. Generally, if it's posted to MeFi (or LF or MoFi for that matter), it's posted to an eljay on my fiends' list. The ability to flag or favorite comments is a nice feature, though.
webhead: I've read the front page a few times, and it seems kind of serious, but what I really like, is the ask metafilter site. People ask some really good questions, and get lots of good answers.
fabulon7: Post a journal here -- you'll get answers. I will not guarantee their relevance or quality.
crataegus: You can't guarantee their relevance or quality on MeFi, for that matter.
crataegus: Case in point... Although, the MeTa/MeFi folks did a bang up job of spotting an astroturfing cockmonkey, calling them on their shit, and then banninating them.