Preparing taxes this year
Posted by Mac 11 years ago, closed 11 years ago
Friend/family member
Computer program (taxcut, turbotax, etc)
Franchise operation (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, etc)
Old school: Pen, calculator and forms
Mac: I just walked out of (insert large franchise tax-preparer name here) because they now spring a mandatory arbitration contract on you as a prerequisite to preparing your taxes.  
This contract is *not* there to protect the consumer, and to have people sign this element of a contract without legal advice is *very* shady.  
So I'm either going to go back to my old accountant, or do it my damn self this year.
Fluffy: it's really really easy to do it yourself anymore, even if you've got some complicated things to report. All the walk-in places can do anymore is try to make people think they're too stupid to use an extremely simple web interface.
cornpone: the university i work for has offered to do all of its employees taxes for free for the first time this year.