Have you turned your furnace on yet?
Posted by FoolProof 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Yes, and I'm in (The state you live in, in comment form)
Not yet.
FoolProof: I'm resisting. (And freezing my bahlz off)
Not yet...
LowFlyingMule: Was in the 40's here last night. We have not ran the AC for about two weeks...just keeping the windows open.
FoolProof: 40's here, too, with 30's coming up this week.
cornpone: I've had the windows open for about a week. It's wonderful.
fabulon7: I thought about it today though. But I'm trying to hold out.
sandwoman13: I'm not sure what a furnace looks like. I think I've only seen one in person and a bunch in movies. I always picture the one in Home Alone that Kevin is afraid of.
MrsBot: Are you crazy? no... wait. You are in one of those cold places. We are still waiting for it to be consistently cool enough to shut off the a/c's while we are home. Most of the time we don't turn on furnaces until December.  
My best friend's husband is planting wheat right now. I said "Isn't this supposed to be harvest time?" He said this was a couple months of good wheat growing time. Apparently my faith-based harvest times are way off for the location I live in.
no, they're just wrong for the crop.
It was 75-80 for most of this week.
ultrafastx: It was in the 90s here a couple days ago. Cooled off a bit today.
A couple times.
webhead: But the hot weather won't quite go away, (I wish it would!)