Grilled cheese sandwich?
Posted by Darwish 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
Grilled cheese sandwich!
Grilled cheese sandwich!
pdxpogo: I like to slice a ripe tomato and thin slice some onion stick that in with the sammy.
FoolProof: Tomatoes and grilled cheese are a fine combo.
Schauspieler: What the poodle said
vinfille: grilled cheese sammich!  
Even better- grilled pimento cheese sammich!  
Do I have to learn you everything?
aktaeon: I here there's mayonnaise in pimento cheese. Is that true?  
As an alternative to that nonsense, how about some grated manchego with crushed red pepper grilled between two corn tortillas? Give it a little pat of sour cream and a handful of super-thin slices of cucumber, maybe a couple of cilantro leaves.
FoolProof: Sign me up for two of each.
aardvocate: Holy crap, I don't even know what manchego is, but gimme.
crataegus: Manchego is why sheep were invented.
bozino: werd. manchego is teh cheeznit.
vinfille: some folks use mayo, some use cream cheese. Traditional is mayo, but cream cheese can be useful if you want the stuff to stay together mo' better- when used in grilled cheese or on a burger, for instance.  
Me, I like it with good, ol'fashioned mayo and chopped home-roasted red peppers, but I put on airs.
bozino: i DO declare, ms. fancy britches.
FoolProof: You old air-putter-onner.