Help an ignorant 'yankee' out: What is the plural of Y'all?
Posted by Mac 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
You'se guys
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bozino: All y'all
LowFlyingMule: It's somewhat regional. Here in East TN  
you might hear "All y'all," but mostly you will  
hear "you-uns."  
This is pronounced as 'yuns' in one syllable.  
cornpone: Beat me to it.
MrsBot: Oklahoma: All y'all  
Pronounced: allyall (no space b/t the words)  
Plural possessive is all y'all's, as in "Get all y'all's stuff out before monday."
Henry: Several
Dyskolos: So that's how they rock "all y'all" on the other side of the...  
wait for it.....  
...wait for it....
Henry: Wait for it.........  
Dyskolos: WHEW!  
That's a relief...I was startin ta get all tense in the chestal region...
No, seriously
vinfille: You know that y'all is plural, right? Like vous is to tu in French? And that y'all is only used in the singular by ignorant yankees?  
Where I come from, "all y'all" is used to differentiate or add emphasis when you're talking to a group of people. In my experience, it's most commonly used in the phrase "Fuck ALL y'all," when expressing extreme disgust with one's current companions.
FoolProof: You had me up until that French shit. ;D
vinfille: How about, 'as ustedes is to usted in Spanish?' Or as you (which was then only plural) was to thou (which was singular) in Early Modern English?  
I'm sure you got the point.
FoolProof: I'm a point acquiring fool.
Darwish: You ones need to keep quiet or speak English.
FoolProof: I ain't speaking English. I'm speaking 'mericun.
Dyskolos: Shall I fetch your guns, Mr. Foop?
LowFlyingMule: Y'all git on outta hyear, now! GIT!
Dyskolos: I do believe he is piqued that you dare trod upon his grassplot.
FoolProof: Please do. I have some varmints that need a-blastin'.