From what era of time do your musical tastes tend to gravitiate towards?
Posted by XIV 10 years ago, closed 10 years ago
100+ years ago
50-100 years ago
30-40 years ago
20 years ago
10 years ago
5 years ago
last year
right now
5 years from now
other (comment)
AB: Early 90s - Present.  
Although there is a small collection of 80s bands I dig.
AB: Or, more specifcally, mid 90s.
Dyskolos: That happened to you, too?  
If I recall correctly, it was sometime around 1995 when someone told me that it wasn't 1986 anymore...and I finally believed it.  
Whew. Thought I'd gone plumb loco.
other + other + other
vinfille: This is a case where inability to pick multiple answers totally sucks.  
100+ years: Baroque, played properly, rocks.  
60-90: Swing and the golden age of jazz.  
25+: REM and U2 and stuff like that.  
15: there's some good grunge out there.  
j d ess: anything from 50 years ago till probably 5 years ago. currently: dionne warwick, ronnettes, the cars...
Right the fzck now
FoolProof: While I like music from all different times, I always listen for what's coming out next. I like to think that I'm not going to be stuck listening to the same stuff that I did in high school when I'm in my 60's.  
Modern pop/dance music, however, is getting ingnoranter and ignoranter all the time. In a few years I think it will literally cause brain damage, it'll be so bad. I'm looking at you, Black Eyed Peas.
FoolProof: Mental note: Write ignorant pop/dance song about being ignorant and dancing.
shigpit: The Politics of Dancing  
The Politics of ... ooh, feelin' right...
jhallway: this is so painful. so, extremely, numbingly painful.
FoolProof: Whelp, looks like my job here is done. :D
johnny2000: late 60s, 7os soul & punk, heavy emphasis on the 80s + channel 1 roots reggae 1976-1979, soca, bhangra and nowadays mostly world music
spacely_sprocket: Get out of my head! record collection. Or at least, when you're done, put them back in the dust jacket and arrange them by genre and alphabetically.