Should there be a national/international Click Through day, where everyone is encouraged to click-through as many ads on their favorite sites as possible? This would be to help the ad revenue for your favorite sites.
Great idea!
No - the spike in activity would probably trigger something that has a negative affect on my favorite site.
No, I'm a paid subscriber to all my favorite sites already.
N/A The sites I visit only have porn ads, I'm already paying monthly fees.
No, because ( please explain in comments )
jtown: What ads? I don't see any ads. Oh, that's right. I block them. I'm doing my part to keep costs down by not sending http requests for all of those images and flash animations that I'll just ignore anyway.  
And clicking on ads when you're not going to buy the product/service will only work for that particular billing cycle. Then the advertiser is going to go to the website and complain about the abnormally low conversion rate of their click-thrus and, to keep the advertiser, the site will refund the extra money or give them a reduced rate for the next cycle.
FoolProof: Ads are for bztchez.