If aphorisms ('laws') can govern the universe, then what would Linkfilter's Law be?
Posted by LinusMines 9 years ago, closed 9 years ago
I would praise any skepsis to which I am permitted to reply: "Let us try it!" But I do not want to hear anything any more of all the things that do not permit of experiment...for their courage has lost its rights.
F.N. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know
crataegus: Everything tastes better with bacon.
LowFlyingMule: Dick jokes wrapped in bacon.
Dyskolos: Yes! Yes! Let's try that!
FoolProof: I ain't fryin' my pecker.
Dyskolos: Wait. Are ya sayin' that'cher shvanz is the subject of schtick where it's said that it's akshully a schmeckel? And whatever they say it's most assuredly treyf?  
Why is this the first I'm hearink of this?
LowFlyingMule: On linkfilter, pecker fries you!
There are two funny men  
The best I've ever seen  
One is Mr. Gallagher, the other's Mr. Shean  
When these two cronies meet  
It surely is a treat  
For the things they say and the things they do  
And the funny way they greet...
Darwish: Try that how?
Dyskolos: You hold Foop down. I'll go get the bacon and check the temp on the fryer oil.
FoolProof: /me breaks down the door and sprints down the street.
...it begins.
vinfille: Dick jokes are ruining linkfilter.
FoolProof: You'll take notice that there are quite few actual dick jokes on LF. It's just the notion that they're a big part of what goes on here that gives the gents a rise. (Forgive the pun)
Dyskolos: So...lemme see if I'm understanding this correctly...it is your hypothesis that "dick jokes" are fruitfully interpreted as an a priori conceit the principal purpose of which is to serve as a unifying construct for discourse here at LF?
FuzzyDave: "an a priori conceit "???  
You can take that Frenchy Talk back to Fagistan, cupcake.
Dyskolos: Now that's what I call stimulating intellectual discourse!  
High Five!  
FuzzyDave: Belly Slam!
FoolProof: ROFLflopz
FoolProof: lolcrawl