Have you ever cleaned up some else's mess in a shared restroom, even if it wasn't your job to do so?
Posted by kingskyprawn 8 years ago, closed 8 years ago
No, I have a high tolerance.
Yes, I just don't like a mess just laying around.
Yes, because I didn't want the next person thinking that I did it.
Yes, because I wanted to reduce the risk of disease.
Yes, because I didn't want a certain visitor to think I/we were such slobs.
Yes, Other (please explain in comments)
Inspiration for the poll
kingskyprawn: I was in a restroom at work - it's probably shared by about 30 men. As I was seated, I noticed a little pile of uncrumpled toilet paper on the floor, on my side of the space between stalls. The paper was covering some object about the size of a large grape. Curious, I lifted a corner of the paper.  
The object was a little grape-size turd.  
I cleaned it up, protecting my hand with my own layer of paper. I didn't want the next person who I might pass at the restroom doorway to think I left it there.  
Maybe I should have made the poll about what my options were!
Dyskolos: Are there many "floor poopers" --- or "free range poopers" in the parlance of our times --- in your workplace?  
kingskyprawn: I work at a community college! And this happened in a administrative building, not one that students frequent very often.  
First time I've witnessed such a thing.
FoolProof: There was a mad pooper in the office I used to work in. Lots of footprints on the toilet seats.
j d ess: So close...and yet so far.
Yes, to...
FoolProof: ...all of the 'yes' options.