(re: the film The Longest Yard) Can you think of anyone you would punch even if you know that you'd spent 20 years in prison if you landed that punch?
Posted by kingskyprawn 8 years ago, closed 8 years ago
If I had the pick of the impact point and could throw that one punch as hard as I want, and it's just 20 years - oh yes.
Nope, not worth it.
No, against my morality/philosophy/etc.
No, I don't think I could land a punch hard enough to be worth 20 years.
No, other reason (please explain in comments)
years ago
dorian: i thought so, he got more than one punch and i had to pay quite an awful lot of money to him, didn't go to prison though, but even lookin' back it was worth it, the gf then was the love of my life and he was a neonazi bastard.
FoolProof: The gawker in me wants details.
crataegus: It's too easy to hide a body without getting caught...
FoolProof: Yep. Can't hide no bawlin' witness.