Which film director would you rather get a mix tape from - James Gunn (Guardians Of The Galaxy) or Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, etc)? Or, some other film/tv director than those two? Assume that it is coming on an actual high-quality cassette tape and a top-of-the-line portable cassette player and your choice of headphones.
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Quentin Tarantino
James Gunn
Other (please mention in comments)

Wes Anderson soundtracks are pretty awesome.

John Hughes

Mr. Hughes is why I ever got into 80s new-wave. as heavily as I have in the past 10 years (yeah, I know...I'm always late to the game!). Always picking artists that no one had heard of, or were up-and-coming. I still like his soundtracks.


+1 to John Hughes. Hands down, the soundtrack to my friends' older siblings at any point through the '80s. Wish more of it rubbed off on me earlier.