Is there such a thing as not-bad instant coffee?
Posted by kingskyprawn 4 years ago, closed 3 years ago
Yes! (cite brand in comments)
Hell No!
Whatever's coffee-ish and quick
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I thought the Starbucks Via packets didn't suck. Just the straight coffee ones, though. The mocha/caramel/flavored ones were ghastly.


I asked this question on FaceBook, and the comments led me to this stuff, which seem to have a lot of fans. Lots of asian markets in my area, one might have this:
Vinacafe Instant Coffee 3-in-1

glitch p-udding:

What's the attraction? Is it just that it doesn't go bad and you can stash it away for ages? Coffee isn't particularly slow or hard to make. I'm honestly asking. What am I missing here?


For many years, I was the sole coffee drinker in my family. I would get coffee downtown on weekdays, and would maybe brew a cup on Sunday morning at home.

Because I was brewing just one cup a week, my beans would invariably get stale before I could get to them, and I threw a LOT of expensive coffee away. If you're only making one cup a week, a packet of VIA isn't a bad way to go.


I make a one-serving cup in a french press.

I keep my beans in the freezer in the original bag and put that bag in a ziploc bag. They don't go bad. Just make sure you keep the bag tightly rolled and make sure the air is out of the ziploc.


I should have mentioned, bu this will be at work. For the occasions where I might be at the office at an odd time, I'd rather spend most of the time working on whatever than doing a coffee brew.

potatono: +1 on the french press. Thats my go to at work where everyone else drinks tea.
Darwish: Instant coffee is great for traveling or camping; light, quick, easy and no waste.