Officially rename CP to fluff?
Posted by potatono 16 years ago, closed 16 years ago
Call it both (CP/Fluff)
Call it something else
I couldn't care less
Call it
yoyology: Mojo.
dneid: Lost your mojo, or your marbles?
RE: Call it
clu: I like both Mojo and Fluff. Both are great and imply two different things. Maybe call XP Mojo and CP fluff.
jeffro: the word Fluff used in this way bothers me in a way i cant really describe. Please leave well enough alone.
innocent: I'm with jeffro. I think fluff sounds very, very wrong. The word sounds like it either belongs on a children's website or one made for porn. There is no in between.
lagbnaft: fluff sounds (porn) related to me.
fluff me!
i7dealer: hmmm....

I got fluff!
It doesn't look so bad. But I know of what you speak.

only the most secure males
piechart: Only the most secure males can use the word "fluff" comfortably. Maybe there could be options, you could call it fluff, or if that made you feel funny and confused about pictures of the Rock with his shirt off you could call it "brake fluid" or "line of scrimmage" or "jet fuel" instead.
jeffro: or, and i know im strange, we could keep calling it CP.
darkside: heheh, you think?
i like clu's idea...
jones: call XP mojo and CP fluff.
If we change CP to fluff
bender: what will will call preheating a penis with fellatio??