What sport do you wish were shown more on US television?
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago, closed 15 years ago
Soccer (you know... football)
Beach volleyball
Australian rules football
Competitive darts
None -- screw sports on TV
Other (please specify in comments)
affiliate19: U.S. cricket team to debut in Six Nations Challenge  
"The United States will make its debut in the Six Nations Challenge cricket tournament with the chance to advance to next year's Champions Trophy in England. "
defStef: agreed
hatton98: I meant to include cricket -- it was actually one of the sports I was thinking of when I made the poll. I just forgot. Oops.
It'd be great to see...
darkstar: ...more independent short films. Art house stuff or independent animators. The 5, 10, 15-minute or 30-minute pieces by folks who aren't in the whole network mode. They have those over here sometimes and it's pretty cool.  
Also, it'd be nice to get major news broadcasts (or the 15 minutes without sports and weather) from other major capitals around the world, dubbed into English, so you have the chance to see what other folks are thinking and saying about world events, from their perspective.  
Also, it'd be neat to have concerts from around the world, to let folks enjoy music styles from other countries (not just the ones that have a major following in the States).  
And it'd be cool to have more video broadcasting of your option of cool college course lectures. I'd pay a premium to regularly audit a televised course on how to learn Sanskrit, for example.  
Just some ideas.
How about all of the above, except for volleyball and darts?
SpearmintFur: Really. I mean, rugby is awesome because it's REAL man's football. No pads, no helmets (except those guys who wear helmets like olde football players use to wear), nothing. Not to mention rugby players arn't all big guys like football players, but rather of all sorts of shapes and sizes.  
Then theres curling (which I play at the Utica Curling Club) which is like, one of the coolest sports EVER (no pun intended, since it's on ice and ice is cold and cold, cool...you get the idea). Plus, it's a sport that anyone can get into and become a champ at. I mean, the second of the current men's Team Canada (the Canadian curling champs) is a gym teacher by profession yet he's a pro curler. Also, it's a good workout but you don't need to be buff to do good at (interesting story - the skip for Team Canada [Guy Howard it was at the time, if my memory serves me right] for the trial game at the 1988 Olympics when curling was going to be a demonstion sport was about 20 lbs too fat for OCC standards and he couldn't do a single pushup yet he was head of the top curling team in Canada). Fortunately, I'm able to get my fix of TV curling since I get a CBC station from across the border from Kingston, Ontario.  
And I'd also like to see cricket. They show it once in a blue moon on Fox Sports World but I'd like to see it more. It's like what baseball should be about. A vast majority of the time, theres no agruing with the umps, there are rules of ettiquitte that must be followed, and some other things I can't think of at the moment. Best of all, if you hit the ball, you don't _have_ to run!  
In conclusion - more cool sports on TV, please.  
SpearmintFur: Oh, and Aussie Rules Football is cool. It's like regular football and rugby mixed together, combined with zany rules and scoring system, a funky 3 post goal, and for the ladies, guys in short shorts. And best of all, theres a 2 hour time limit.