What's the most pain you've ever experienced?
Posted by hatton98 15 years ago, closed 15 years ago
Broken bone
Dislocated joint
Major surgery / invasive procedure
Breakup / rejection by a lover
Loss of a loved one / family member
Nothing so serious -- I've been lucky
None of the above -- I laugh at 'pain'!
Other (please specify in comments)
wisdom teeth
affiliate19: extraction. all four in one sitting, awake with local anesthetic. omfg. they pry these guys out of your jaw, in cae you haven't had it done. i was pretty broke and went to a place i thought was western dental (but turns out it was western's dental or something) to have it done. the place was a drive through dentist. chairs lined the walls like a salon, dentist was practically doing handstands on my mouth with a grinder and stuff - it was weird.  
within hours of leaving i was in agony for 3 days. literally floored. UHG.
LazyDervish: It is a toss up...  
Either a migraine (I'm sure it was probably the worst pain but maybe not the most acute)  
or the wisdom teeth as well:  
Mine experience was very similar, all four, impacted, had to be broken and cut out, I could see little droplets of blood all over the dudes face shield...  
my second divorce...
soulorcell: I was essentially paralyzed with anguish for months...couldn't work, eat, sleep, ect...mostly paced back and forth and cried...forced me to beg God for help day and night...I'm insane...physical pain doesn't come close to the torment my heart can reek on my mind...next to God, and linkfilter :P, she really is my everything...it's hopeless...
affiliate19: yeah, a very close runner up would be love lost, for sure. the kicker there of course, would be that the love doesn't really go anywhere. and there is no garuntee that it was ever really seeded in the other person. i'm going on a year from a long term relationship... it really was pretty insane. ebbing now but still pretty lost. definitely one of those "this is what all those authors were writing about" life milestones, i think. a really terrible #$%#ed up club to be in. =P
Internal bleeding
gbaker: With my sinus 80% collapsed on the right side the doctor had to break my nose with a rubber mallet and a chisel looking thing to insert the tubes in my nose and down my throat to pump the blood out of my stomach. Because of the nature of the bleeding I was giving no anesthesia or painkillers for this process. I don't know if it was really the physical pain or the mental anguish of being highly alert through the whole thing. It is a trauma I remember all too well that keeps the pain alive even 14 years after the fact.
bear: everyday for me is more painful then the one before it. so the answer is Today
fabulon7: Holy crap, does that sound terrible.
owl: the migraines i used to get - and if you haven't suffered from true migraines you simply cannot understand - or the toothache i had a few years ago, caused by a tooth i cracked in half when i was ten. 20 years later comes back to bite my ass - every time something hit it, like say, my tongue, it shot a lightning bolt of pain up through my head to the center of my brain.  
i hear broken hips and thigh bones are pretty damn painful too, supposed to be the worst to break.
Kidney Stones
defStef: I have had 3...each came a year apart. And you have to pass them... Jesus. Its like getting stabbed in the lower back with a hot knife and having it twisted...
affiliate19: that was a chipper poll! ^_^
Hands down...
hammer of truth: ...that Britney Spears special that was on a couple of weeks ago.