Ever called in sick to work?
Posted by grimrides 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Nope. Never
Once or twice
Three to five times
More than I can count.
Other (please comment)
sick to work
badbunny: when I was young and had no real responsiblity
jtown: Only once since getting a "real" job. When I turned in the slip for a personal day, the majority owner/prsident said, "Don't even think about it. This one's one me." So I didn't have to use a sick day.
fabulon7: Yes, I have called in sick to work, often, when I am sick.  
People who come to work sick, sneezing and coughing all over everything do no good for anyone.  
Employers who expect people to come to work in spite of the sneezing and coughing should be shot.