Official Linkfilter Slogan?
Posted by potatono 16 years ago, closed 16 years ago
Don't Eat These Links, They Taste Terrible...
Level Up!
Visit Linkfilter Or We'll Kill Your Messiah... Again.
More than a blog -- It's a cry for help
A colonic for your web browser.
It's your content.
It's so Faboo!
Take Control
Come for the links, Stay for the Faboo.
No Name, No Slogan!
My vote.
clu: My vote goes to "Level up!".
Another One
FuzzyDave: I remember a chat we had last week where the line,

"Last night it was quantum physics & art theory, today it's face-licking"

was mentioned. I think that would make a good slogan.

clu: I like that slogan, a lot. I just think its's a bit long and I don't think I could bring myself to wearing a shirt that said "face licking" on it. But that's just me.
jones: hehehe...
quantum physics or face licking...we take all kinds.
some thoughts
jeffro: your links suck
our links can beat up your links
you have time, we have links
yeah, we linked that
come for the links, stay for the love

and i have always liked 'fresh links daily' and '"visit linkfilter often" -god'

pyro.furiosus: agreed - ''fresh links daily'' and ''visit linkfilter often - god'' are oldies but goodies.
bear: yeah, we linked that

I like that one, and I've never heard it before today.

''random in chatter''
pyro.furiosus: And let's not forget several other options from a poll posted by FuzzyDave in February:

We Taste of Chicken
Add Water & We Make Our Own Gravy
Crazy By Birth, Incontinent By Choice
Ask Us About Our Action Figures!
Chafing As We Speak
Try Our Thick, Frosty Shakes
Blaming It On The Dog
One Word: Moist

soulorcell: Surf The Web..."ALL" The Web!
Link Like There's No Tomorrow!
(with one small glitch...)
Worship The Web!