Please choose the one which best fits you:
Posted by Birdieguy 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
I am a serious Packer fan AND Bush supporter (please comment)
I am a serious Redskins fan AND Kerry supporter (please comment)
My preference/prediction for the game matches my political affiliation perfectly
This phenomenon will be broken this season!
deathburger: No vote for you. You forgot the "Who gives a shit!" option.
Almost did, but........
Birdieguy: I decided to leave that one out so everyone wouldn't vote that option. And seriously... you can't deny it's an interesting topic... now choose! LOL
ultrafastx: Born and raised a Redskins fan. Kerry supporter. The Redskins will be lucky to make the playoffs this year. Bush reelected will be four more years down the toilet. Of course I'm pulling for Green Bay.
Birdieguy: Way to go Ultra!!
I hate the redskins
shigpit: ... so yes, I guess I'm rooting for GB.  
As they used to say in Atlanta, around the early-mid '80s: "Go Braves! And take the Falcons with you!"
ultrafastx: I like the Pack. If it was Dallas they were playing, I'd probably have an ulcer and not be able to watch the game.
Looks like
Birdieguy: a VICTORY for GB & Kerry!