Pogo is broke... and can't afford to be as generous at Christmas as he is known to be. He has the idea to print some of his best photographs and frame them as gifts. Is that a good idea?
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Sounds OK to me
You cheap egotistical bastard
It is the thought that counts
bah humbug
ortenzia caviglia: It sounds like a GREAT idea. I wish I would get a framed photo for Xmas...hint hint.
deathburger: You cheap egotistical bastard. And copycat, we're doing that too. ;p
lagbnaft: That is not just ok that is a great idea. Some of the more treasured things I own in my life are photos. Some I took, some that others took and were given to me, by the person whom took them.  
Mighty special gift if you ask me pogo.