Can a donkey and elephant mate if they are the same sex?
Posted by pdxpogo 14 years ago, closed 14 years ago
Why not?
Unnatural dude
I want to buy the video tape
Sure they can...
Novelhead: It just takes a lot of alcohol and a little Barry White... :)
Im Not
lagbnaft: Gonna get Naked.  
My position, is unique. The kindness that is and has been extended me cannot but make me listen to the opinions of those I disagree with. The LOVE is quite evident. I too, want all to know, my love.
Hugh2d2: Yes, but only in a blue state.
They can mate all they want...
r03: but if they want to get married, they will have to move out of the US.
We all know...
shigpit: ... pig and elephant DNA just don't splice.  
And I couldn't be happier.
ultrafastx: /me hands shigpit a mop to clean up the elephant "DNA."
why, yes they can
angre1: You didn't say with each other. Of course, they can both mate within their species. Now, if the question was, "Can an elephant and a donkey mate with each other, even though they are of the same sex..." then the answer is no.
GROtongueOVE: good point