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Not content with ending a 60 year old law requiring employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime, Bush continues with his 'fuck the working man' labor day weekend...

PRESIDENT BUSH has pulled a Labor Day surprise on federal workers, announcing in a letter to vacationing congressional leaders that he is using his authority to cut the size of the pay raise most workers were to receive next year. He blamed the move on the cost of fighting terrorism, but he could as easily have blamed his fiscally irresponsible tax cuts for the rich. This is the second time Bush has limited pay raises for the civilian federal work force while rewarding his political supporters. Two years ago he reinstituted a cash bonus program for 2,100 political appointees at federal agencies, a system that the Clinton administration abolished because it promoted favoritism. It is a pattern with Bush: reward those who are already well off and squeeze the rank-and-file.

These guys really hate cell phones. They stole some cell phone costumes from a video shoot, and now wear them around stealing and destroying innocent bystander's phones. Complete with videos.

Did you know that Posh Spice had her own moreover news feed? Me neither. The other girls are conspicously missing.

The entire US mainland was being defended by only 14 planes. Some US pilots were forced to take to the skies without any weapons.

“I make fun,” he told me, “I don’t do art for money, I don’t do art to express myself, I try to make fun. I make it fun for others. I try to include you as much as possible, and if possible, I try to give you a takeaway memento, so that you always remember how much fun you had.”

Five years ago, Stephenson-Goodknight didn’t have her own Wikipedia page. For most of her life, she didn’t contribute to the website at all. But Stephenson-Goodknight has become a superstar in the community, and a pioneer for gender equality on a platform deeply in need of articles about women. She has written over 5,000 articles for the website, nearly 1,400 dedicated to women specifically.

That’s not insignificant, given that only 18 percent of Wikipedia’s biography entries are about women.

Density isn't a problem. Crowding is. Population doesn't cause crowding. Policy does.

Tom Colicchio is a really thoughtful guy, and he's been very busy working on behalf of small restaurants and the people who work there.


A simple and effective facemask design by Loren Brickter

President Bartlet dispensing wisdom

Genesis P-Orridge is talking about the day he was asked to rescue a series of radical movies made by William Burroughs, artist Brion Gysin and film-maker Anthony Balch from a skip. It was 1980 and P-Orridge was living on the dole in Hackney, east London, fronting art-punk band Throbbing Gristle. "Brion called me from Paris," recalls P-Orridge. "Anthony had died, and all the films they had made in the 1950s and 1960s were about to be destroyed. 'Here's the address,' he said. 'Do what you can to save them. Go and get them, and they're yours. You'll know what to do with them.'"    

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well kinda hard to put a description on this other than a dude in a blue bunny suit who goes around to night clubs. My description does not do the page justice though. go take a look for yourself.

"History is filled with stories of cities subject to sieges, plagues, massacres, sackings, fires, floods, and earthquakes. Cities suffered from atomic and conventional bombings, rebellions and barricaded revolutionaries. They have been burned to the ground, buried in volcanic ash, and even irradiated. Almost all conceivable man-made and natural attacks have been leveled at cities, for as long as they’ve been around.

And yet, each city that has been thus afflicted is still around. They’ve not just bounced back, they’ve grown to be stronger than before. Both in size and number. There are over 1680 cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants. There are over 40 cities (conurbations) with more than 10 million inhabitants each. The largest is about to be home to over 40 million residents. There are tens of thousands of cities of a size that a few centuries ago would have been only hundreds. Few, very few, cities have “failed”. The formation of a ghost town is so uncommon that they are objects of fascination. Ancient cities are likely to still exist as modern cities. The exceptions make the rule."

"Taken as a 629-episode whole, The Simpsons leaves a strangely sour taste in the mouth. It shows us a world in which stupidity is uncontrollably rewarded and in which the life of the mind is derided, punished, and ignored; a world in which women can’t be happy without a husband – any husband; a world in which noble aspirations are generally crushed and the only fate that awaits even the best of us is mediocrity."

Reminder: You can love something and still criticize it.