New York City

For nearly 20 years, Dane Shitagi has been photographing ballerinas on the streets of the world's big cities, although so many of the photos are from NYC that I never knew about the other cities until just this very moment. Great stuff.

NYC's Gem Spa is somewhat legendary and one of the last vestiges of old St. Marks. Now it's in danger of closing. Grab an egg cream before it's gone and some luxury boutique inevitably starts selling expensive retro Gem Spa t-shirts.

How a brain-numbing street cocktail became a multimillion-dollar uptown hustle.

I've never encountered this stuff. It seems like its value is mostly wrapped up in convenience and availability. Great story, though.

Charles was the first black photographer at the New York Times. These photos, from 1966, were never published.

X-Posted from the archive from 2008:

It's probably futile to do so, but here's my partial history of New York City in video games. The difficult part is actually figuring out, in fact, if a game takes place in New York. For instance, Frogger could take place in New York, if the West Side Highway straddled a Hudson River full of logs and turtles. Pac-Man is certainly a metaphoric representation of the Financial District. If Donkey Kong is an homage to King Kong, wouldn't that mean he's throwing barrels from the Empire State Building?

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NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK (c) is an installation featuring a virtual environment in 3 dimensions built out of photographs of New-York City, USA. With a Joystick controller one can freely surf a city metaphor in real time 3D and projected on a giant screen. Defying gravity laws to dive in and out of space and time, to be part and observer of a new interpretation of urban patterns like traffic, noise and streetlife of a virtual city,