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Journey from the Golden Age of analog mastering to today's digital processes.

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A thoughtful discussion with Stott Aukerman of Comedy Bang Bang, Between Two Ferns, among other things. They talk religion, comedy, parents, and it all feels like a real conversation between two friends.

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I hadn't listened to this podcast before, but this episode really resonated with me. The trick for getting your kids to talk about their day at school totally worked too.

WTF is suffering from a serious case of diminishing returns, but it's still capable of great work. David Lee Roth is simultaneously exactly what I thought he was and somewhat of a revelation. He's a big ball of constant, random energy, but also a pretty deep dude with a surprising range of experience and expertise.

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Pod Mod talks with the duo behind Seattle modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering and touches on topics as varied as product naming, endangered animals, and the ladies of modular.

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Dana Gould talks to Mallory O’Meara, author of The Lady From the Black Lagoon. It tells the story of Millicent Patrick, who worked in the Universal Studios makeup department in the early 1950’s. She created the Creature From The Black Lagoon, which was a landmark moment in film, but credit was stolen by a man with far less talent.

The Dana Gould Hour consistently covers topics I usually don't care much about with such humor and affection that I eagerly await every new episode.

Noted chef, restauranteur, and personality Dave Chang goes deep with Michael Schur, of The Good Place/Parks & Recreation/Brooklyn 99/The Office fame. A thoughtful discussion of ethics and moral philosophy in the workplace follows.

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Tig Notaro's humor is both silly and dry. It's a winning combination and Conan is clearly delighted to spend some quality time with her. The feeling is contagious and accompanied by giggles.