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A bombing starts off smelling similar to a barbecue. There's a charcoal-like whiff of gunpowder mixed with blood and burned flesh. It's thick and bitter, and it overpowers everything. You can taste it in your mouth.
In the new Russia, a country obsessed with wealth and status, snagging a superrich man is big business — and so are the outrageous classes that claim to give women a leg up.
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They're often called lost boys, the many young men who keep postponing adulthood. As Donna Nebenzahl writes, social scientists are trying to figure out why their numbers keep growing  
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(taken during a side-trip to Florida a few weeks ago)  
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Facial recognition technology is steadily creeping into mainstream use. Photo-sharing sites, including Facebook, use it to help you tag friends in photos. Digital billboards use it to decide whether to show you an ad for a manly beer or a feminine product. And soon bars will be using it to tell you whether they’re home to a sausage fest or melon mania.
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Wasteland Twinning
Urban wastelands are at the centre of conflicts around cultural, economic and historical hegemonies. The common notion still remains that wastelands are of no value until developed. However these types of spaces hold a unique and valuable role in the future of humanity as we question notions of progress and strive for more sustainable models of living. Urban wastelands support inner city biodiversity, provide carbon sinks, improve hydrological attenuation, provide open space and represent freedom from the controlled built environment. As metaphors wastelands typify the cause and effect of our constant (re)development.
Are you a Flake?
No. I are serious person.
Yes. I am batshit-insane!
YOU'RE a Flake!
President? Really?!
Sculptor Judith Klausner has been carving classically- and Victorian-inspired cameos out of Oreo cookies. Her most recent series -- From Scratch -- explores traditional handicrafts using mass-produced, packaged foods as her medium. In addition to the Oreo cameos, she has embroidered a fried egg onto toast, cross-stitched Chex cereal, and more!
Who's worse? (This what it really comes down to, isn't it?)
Gay people that want to get married.
People that can't mind their own fzcking business.