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Pickle Surprise! (Tom Rubnitz, 1989)
Classic Mitch Hedberg on Conan (10/12/04)
He's not Santa!
I've recently come to see Cory Booker in a more positive light.
Parametric Expression
Rare public speech by Christine Blasey Ford
Alienation and Sterility and Going Back To Cali
Behind the scenes footage from episode six of I Love Lucy. In color.
“You Don’t Own Me,” Lesley Gore’s feminist anthem, recorded in 1963 when she was 17 and performed here live in 1964.
You already know...
If Only Lincoln Had a Gun by Taylor Ferrera. Clever and Beatles-esque.

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It was hard to watch and it took over an hour, but the RudyBot Pizza Maker eventually produced a tasty, if mangled, slice. Not bad for a beta product. But would it be ready in time for the product launch in September?

Paul F. Tompkins delivers the best 26 seconds of your day.
Björk sez...
Hole - Violet. ‘nuff said.