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Ellen DeGeneres uses her elevated status to *endorse* a person who does *bad* things.
'Hooker Leg' by 'Crack: We Are Rock'. Official video? Who knows?
UNDERWORLD - S.T.A.R [Builds into something Joyful and hypnotic)
Horse Head

Auteur Rob Parrish’s delicious and bizarre Next To Heaven hit the web nearly 15 years ago. We haven’t seen anything so perfectly walk the line between absurdist surrealism and sentimental narrative since.

But now he’s back with Horse Head, a new web project about a gender-fluid-extra-dimensional alien’s visit to Earth.

Sleek, sexy, and thoroughly updated for the 21st century. Plus Pino Palladino on bass!

Live @ Austin City Limits.

An informative, passionate love letter to history's second most important drum machine. Although for me, 909 will always be #1.

This is delightful to watch, no matter who you are. Enjoy.

Old school MTV news host and journalist Kurt Loder explains why George Clooney’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is “the greatest movie ever made.”

I'm not sure it's the GOAT, but it's pretty great.