Ted Lasso Spinoff: The New Adventures of Old Rebecca

Not content with ending a 60 year old law requiring employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime, Bush continues with his 'fuck the working man' labor day weekend...

PRESIDENT BUSH has pulled a Labor Day surprise on federal workers, announcing in a letter to vacationing congressional leaders that he is using his authority to cut the size of the pay raise most workers were to receive next year. He blamed the move on the cost of fighting terrorism, but he could as easily have blamed his fiscally irresponsible tax cuts for the rich. This is the second time Bush has limited pay raises for the civilian federal work force while rewarding his political supporters. Two years ago he reinstituted a cash bonus program for 2,100 political appointees at federal agencies, a system that the Clinton administration abolished because it promoted favoritism. It is a pattern with Bush: reward those who are already well off and squeeze the rank-and-file.

These guys really hate cell phones. They stole some cell phone costumes from a video shoot, and now wear them around stealing and destroying innocent bystander's phones. Complete with videos.

Don't let all the physics scare you. There are some really cool visualisations in here that really show you show you how sound waves act. Check out the doppler stuff.

Did you know that Posh Spice had her own moreover news feed? Me neither. The other girls are conspicously missing.

All kinds of different ways to display and distribute the DeCSS code.

The entire US mainland was being defended by only 14 planes. Some US pilots were forced to take to the skies without any weapons.

Dr. John Gorrie (1803 - 1855), an early pioneer in the invention of the artificial manufacture of ice, refrigeration, and air conditioning, was granted the first U.S. Patent for mechanical refrigeration in 1851. Dr. Gorrie's basic principle is the one most often used in refrigeration today; namely, cooling caused by the rapid expansion of gases. Using two double acting force pumps he first condensed and then rarified air. His apparatus, initially designed to treat yellow fever patients, reduced the temperature of compressed air by interjecting a small amount of water into it. The compressed air was submerged in coils surrounded by a circulating bath of cooling water. He then allowed the interjected water to condense out in a holding tank, andreleased or rarified, the compressed air into a tank of lower pressure containing brine; This lowered the temperature of the brine to 26 degrees F. or below, and immersing drip-fed, brick-sized, oil coated metal containers of non-saline water, or rain water, into the brine, manufactured ice bricks. The cold air was released in an open system into the atmosphere.

Apollo 11 went to the moon over 50 years ago. This documentary is intense.

“I make fun,” he told me, “I don’t do art for money, I don’t do art to express myself, I try to make fun. I make it fun for others. I try to include you as much as possible, and if possible, I try to give you a takeaway memento, so that you always remember how much fun you had.”

A history of The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” turns into the Austin Powers movie origin story.

Without visual contact to the destination, people lose perspective.
Sarah MacLean Wicked Knife

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Monroe Township, New Jersey, OPT initially focused on the research and development of large systems meant to harness the power of the ocean to supply power to mainland electrical grids.