Blue Back Barf
There is no personal merit in breathing.
RIP Artist Boris Kellerman
I've watched this three times now and my laughter is becoming increasingly hysterical.

Fascinating review of a record I wrote off by a band I cared little about. Maybe that was a mistake?

husbands don't...

Has the Times vaulted candidate Kathryn Garcia from mayoral long shot to … maybe … plausible?

Please Vladislav [Delay] Don't Hurt 'Em

Tech and deep house with other stuff mixed in. 6.5 hours!

The rise and fall of elevator operators
Electric cars won't fix the climate.

Fossils of three new species of giant cloud rats have researchers in the Philippines scratching their heads: The find, on the island of Luzon, hints the archipelago—one of the most species-rich places on the planet—was somehow even more biodiverse in the past. But it also raises questions about how these fluffy, pot-bellied rodents ended up in a cave, outside their usual habitat, and why they went extinct.

The Wikipedia entry on Renegade BBS, an inspiration to me from the pre internet days. The linkfilter colors system is based on Renegade.. I can barely remember how it works now.

Dean Ween:

"My roadie told me that Carlos Santana’s equipment (including his guitars) had arrived via a trucking company that night at their depot. Carlos was recording an appearance on “Good Morning America” the next morning and his equipment was to be delivered to the set in NYC in a few hours."

What follows is kind of bonkers.

Peaches - Pussy Mask