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They gleefully ride around in absurdly tiny cars, slosh pails of confetti into the air and smack each other with tasty dessert treats. Love them, or loath them, they're clowns. And counted among their giggling numbers are some of the planet's most renowned ruby-red noses -- Bozo the Clown, Freddy the Freeloader, Ronald McDonald and, well, John Wayne Gacy. Maybe HE'S the reason clowns have endured more than their fair share of seltzer to the face in recent years. Johnny buries a bunch of fellas under his house and !!!BOING!!! parents start discouraging their children from attending Clown College in the fall. Soon even the entertainment industry turned on its pioneering elders. Probably the premiere example of such inspired vilification is Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988, 86 minutes), a film that festered in the minds of the Chiodo Brothers who were BORN mesmerized by genre pictures of all shades, especially those of the alien invasion variety. These FX gurus basically reimagined The Blob, but rather than deadly ooze they went with neon-coifed invaders and milked all the appropriate sight gags that go along with Big Top denizens. Their result was a cult sensation beloved by drunken college students, bleary-eyed stoners and channel-surfing insomniacs the world over.
Sometime in the late 1970s, Tony Tan Caktiong, the owner of a small ice cream parlor in a lower-middle-class neighborhood here, learned that an American hamburger chain was coming to invade the Philippines.  
Worried that his store, which had just started selling burgers, might get floored by the new competition, Tan Caktiong, a Filipino of Chinese descent, took a leaf from the Chinese military tactician Sun Tzu: he flew to the United States to know his future enemy.  
When he returned to the Philippines a few weeks later, Tan Caktiong brought with him an arsenal of ideas on how to fortify his store, called
Jollibee, to face the newcomer.  
What followed was a classic tale of survival that quickly became a Filipino legend that is now being retold in the country's business schools, often with a tinge of nationalistic pride directed against the U.S. burger chain in question, McDonald's.  
Tan Caktiong had no choice but to reinvent Jollibee.
You Must Fear!
Public Speaking
Something small and pointy scurry up your leg
Great experience - tallbikes: cycling high, doing funny tricks, watching in the second floor of houses, holding the traffic light on the crossing,jumping off, cycling in the wind with a small sail on the beach, etc. Kids, people, tourists freak out when they see you hicycling: always tons of comments, compliments, fun.  
The most common remark: Is it cold up there in the heaven? (in dutch: "is het koud boven?") This is why we've chosen the name " tallbikes" for our typical dutch designs and state of art "mirror tall bikes". Each one has a name and soul...  
Bikes we make are safe and stable. We mostly use the frame of women bike for upper construction. It is not too high to step down or come up. When you are sitting high, you can react slowly and easily keep stability, you see much more when you cycle through the city and car drivers can see you better. Our Picasso Bull Taalbike seems to be safer than a normal bike even in a car accident.  
Tallbikes are just that: bikes that are much taller than a standard bicycle. Anecdotally, riders report that they are more stable than standard bikes. You'll never catch me on one.  
Check out the Tall Bike Gallery.
I recently lost my virginity. I also have been putting off seeing Episode III. Is there a relationship between these two events?
No - they are independent of one another
There is not enough information to determine a relationship between these two
HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to help us compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Each panelist nominated a number of titles and then voted on a ballot including all books nominated. A title received a score of 10 points for being listed No. 1 by one of our panelists, 9 points for being listed No. 2, etc. Appropriately, The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, earned the highest aggregate score and the No. 1 listing.  
How big is Yao Ming's mountain bike?
This big:  
Made by Gunnar Cycles of Waterford WI: Yao Ming’s Custom, 80cm, 29” Wheel Gunnar Rockhound.  
It was built in conjunction with West U Cycles in Houston, TX for the 7'6" center of the Houston Rockets. It is one of the largest frames to leave their Waterford, WI factory and features a custom True Temper OX Platinum air-hardening tubeset. Super strong and complete-it weighs only 27 pounds.
Unfortunately, the hydrogen car George Bush first gushed about in his state of the union -- and the $1.2 billion program offered to help create it -- are simply more of Detroit's fantasyland politics, designed to keep Congress from enacting tough fuel economy standards.  
Every time Congress and the public get close to thinking that real fuel economy is a good idea, Detroit rolls out some whiz-bang autorama to provide the illusion of progress. Bush?s proposal to provide for clean cars -- which is laudable on its face -- is but the latest in a long line of Detroit-White House "partnerships" dating to the Nixon-era that only provide diversion and political cover, not actual clean cars.
The Associated Press  
Updated: 1:06 p.m. ET May 31, 2005  
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Tuesday overturned the conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm for destroying Enron Corp.-related documents before the energy giant’s collapse. In a unanimous opinion, justices said the former Big Five accounting firm’s June 2002 conviction was improper. It said the jury instructions at trial were too vague and broad for jurors to determine correctly whether Andersen obstructed justice.  
Oh Mr. George W. Bush and all your chronies you must be SO proud! Hardly a surprise. With a stacked judicial system by the republicans. Heavens we wouldn't want other firms to ALSO be held accountable in future huh?
"While most depictions of extraterrestrials are confined to science fiction, nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that some form of alien life exists somewhere in the universe, according to a new survey.  
The telephone poll, which questioned 1,000 Americans, found that 60 percent of those surveyed believe extraterrestrial life exists on other planets."
McDonald's is virtually ignoring its own golden anniversary with the modesty and humility of a king, even though McDonald’s 50th is an event of colossal significance for shareholders, staff, customers, and indeed, all of mankind. Thus, the Billboard Liberation Front (BLF) and Ron of the East will provide our most inspirational client with a gratis improvement in honor of McDonald's campaign “To Serve Man.”  
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the work of writers living in 13 different countries in which English is spoken. As an international writing project, our limericks frequently use local spellings, grammar, punctuation and, most likely, rhymes that may not be familiar to all readers.  
If only Benny Hill was around to enjoy this...
Rambo IV
Sly Stallone is bringing the least intelligent action hero in history "out of retirement" for another movie.  
Will Rambo and Indy get together and trade prostate exam stories?
The computer used to kick-start a global worm outbreak in March 2004 has been traced using crucial kinks in its code.  
The "Witty worm" first emerged at 0445 GMT on 20 March 2004 and infected more than 12,000 computer systems around the globe within 75 minutes. It exploited a software bug in a commercial firewall package to infect new machines, randomly generating new network address targets as it went.  
Nicholas Weaver and Vern Paxson from the University of California, Berkeley, and Abhishek Kumar from the Georgia Institute of Technology, both in the US, carefully analysed the way the worm generated new targets and painstakingly retraced its steps back to the first computer - or "patient zero" - of the outbreak.  
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