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This is the first serious critical study to contextualize the films of Burroughs, Balch, and Gysin within the analytical framework of the “structural film” as defined by P. A. Sitney and the other structural film movements occurring seemingly simultaneously around Europe and America. Barry Miles, in his study of the period The Beat Hotel, notes the presence of an important and influential figure from the Fluxus group within the “Domain Poetique” events, Emmett Williams. Miles also notes that George Maciunas attended a performance in Paris and categorized Gysin's work as “expanded cinema.” The fact that these disparate groups would have met and exchanged ideas is an important and often undervalued detail.  
The presence of these notable figures clearly lays the foundations for such a critical study as this.  
While there are other excellent studies of these films, most notably Genesis P-Orridge's fascinating account of how he saved the films from destruction in a rubbish skip (in Jack Sergeant's book Beat Cinema), they remain descriptive of the content. It is to the memory of William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and Anthony Balch that I humbly dedicate this study.  
[genesis p-orridge]
In the cut
Genesis P-Orridge is talking about the day he was asked to rescue a series of radical movies made by William Burroughs, artist Brion Gysin and film-maker Anthony Balch from a skip. It was 1980 and P-Orridge was living on the dole in Hackney, east London, fronting art-punk band Throbbing Gristle. "Brion called me from Paris," recalls P-Orridge. "Anthony had died, and all the films they had made in the 1950s and 1960s were about to be destroyed. 'Here's the address,' he said. 'Do what you can to save them. Go and get them, and they're yours. You'll know what to do with them.' "  
more about the films  
download a 4 minute real media clip from one of thee films from this site.  
more lf linkage on burroughs  
more lf linkage on gysin  
[genesis p-orridge]
I am primarily concerned with the question of survival--with Nova conspiracies, Nova criminals, and Nova police. A new mythology is possible in the Space Age, where we will again have heroes and villans, as regards intentions towards this Planet. I feel that the future of writing is in  
Space, not Time
- William S. Burroughs
Terry Southern: Vignette of Idealistic Life In South Texas  
William S. Burroughs: Keynote Commentary/Roosevelt After Inauguration  
John Giorno: Entering The Sky  
Patti Smith: Poem For Jim Morrison/Bumblebee  
William S. Burroughs: Benway  
Philip Glass: Building  
Brion Gysin: Kick That Habit/Junk Is No Good Baby/Somebody Special/Blue Baboon  
Frank Zappa: The Talking Asshole  
William S. Burroughs: from The Gay Gun: "This Is Kim Carson" & "Just Like The  
Collapse Of Any Currnency"/The Whole Tamale  
William S. Burroughs: What The Nova Convention Is About  
Ed Sanders: Hymn To Aphrodite From Sappho  
John Cage: Writing For The Second Time Through Finnegans Wake  
Anne Waldman: Plutonium Ode/Skin Meat Bones  
Laurie Anderson & Julia Heyward: Song From America On The Move  
Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky: Punk Rock/Old Pond/Feeding Them Raspberries  
To Grow/Nurses Song  
William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Timothy Leary, Les Levine & Robert Anton  
: Conversations  
an unbelievable(!!) collection of brilliant people reading/performing brilliant material. it's hard to believe that they were all in the same place at the same time. i found the original double LP in a record store this weekend and immediately purchased it.
An Alice B. Toklas brownie, also known more colloquially as a magic brownie or special brownie, is a dessert containing cannabis. Eating such a brownie can result in the same psychoactive effect or "high" as smoking marijuana, although it may be delayed or mitigated due to slower absorption of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) through the digestive tract.  
The name derives from Alice B. Toklas, the lover of Gertrude Stein, who included a recipe for "Haschich Fudge" in her 1954 Alice B. Toklas Cook Book, a volume intended not so much as a cookbook but as reminiscences on her life with Ms. Stein. However, prior to publication Ms. Toklas was short of recipes, and the recipe in question was contributed by her friend Brion Gysin as a joke. The recipe was introduced:  
"This is the food of Paradise.... it might provide an entertaining refreshment for a Ladies' Bridge Club or a chapter meeting of the DAR.... Euphoria and brilliant storms of laughter; ecstatic reveries and extensions of one's personality on several simultaneous planes are to be complacently expected. Almost anything Saint Theresa did, you can do better."  
The suspicious ingredient ("canibus sativa" [sic]) was not spotted by Ms. Toklas before the book was published, and though it was removed in the American edition, it was printed in the British one.
He was the Leonardo of the 20th century, whose surreal work could change the way people thought.  
Brion Gysin (1916–1986) was a multifaceted artist whose fertile mind and wide range of original ideas were a source of inspiration for artists of the Beat Generation in Paris, as well as to innovative artists and performers such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Keith Haring, and Laurie Anderson in the next generation.  
A fascinating read about a man I know very little about  
[genesis p-orridge]
The Dream Machine
AT first glance it looked like something in the window of a TriBeCa furniture store, an oversize lamp from the early 60's maybe. But when Kate Chapman flicked a switch and the three-foot high latticework cylinder in front of me began to spin, it was clear that we were dealing with more than just another piece of midcentury flotsam.  
The machine started to cast strobelike patterns of bright light on our faces, and when I closed my eyes as instructed, there they were, the dazzling multicolored forms that I'd been told about: mandalas and crosses and even Mandelbrot fractals, dancing across my eyelids.  
Burroughs, along with other figures from the Beat Generation like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary, was fascinated, even at times obsessed by the Dreamachine, which was invented in 1959 by their fellow Beats Brion Gysin, an artist, and Ian Sommerville, a math student at Cambridge. Mr. Leary called it "the most sophisticated neurophenomenological device ever designed"; Mr. Burroughs experimented with it for nearly four decades.
When I was 13, in 1961, I surreptitiously purchased an anthology of Beat writing - sensing, correctly, that my mother wouldn't approve.  
Immediately, and to my very great excitement, I discovered Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and one William S. Burroughs - author of something called Naked Lunch, excerpted there in all its coruscating brilliance.  
[william s. burroughs] [brion gysin]  
book of joe
"Cut up is a technique discovered by Brion Gysin and made famous by Burroughs in his work, but it is also a tool anyone can use for whatever purposes of their own. It can provide insight into texts written by yourself and others. The simplest experiment suggested by Burroughs is to type out an article onto a sheet of A4 and cut it into four sections. Then rearrange the sections at random and see what comes out. New words, sentences and meanings appear. It is as easy as photo-montage, cutting and pasting textual images and meanings together to create art."  
The site contains a cut-up "machine" that you can paste text into and "cut-up" your own writing.
worship the glitch wrap-up
Old School MTV Interstitials  
16 Aug 2005 09:57:00 -0500  
Remember the golden age of MTV? Remember when it seemed like every second of programming was designed just for you? Remember those crazy short films and interstitials?  
[adult swim] has done a fantastic job of revamping this style for the 21st century. Not surprisingly, the same generation that was glued to MTV in the 80s and early 90s is now glued to [adult swim].  
but, [adult swim] doesn't start until late. Here are some old school MTV interstitials to hold you over.  
MTV To Go  
Stereo Test  
Indoor Sports  
MTV Logo Factory  
Transfer Video To Your TiVo  
16 Aug 2005 08:41:00 -0500  
If you have a Series2 DVR with software version 7.2 or later, you will be able to transfer and view personal video files from your Windows PC to your DVR. You just need to wait for v2.2 of the TiVo desktop software to be released. And that could happen as soon as today.  
It can currently only handle strict MPEG-2 standards, but I would image that it'll eventually be able to handle MPEG-1, if not some MPEG-4 codecs.  
It seems like there a new TiVo feature every day! Now, i just need software that'll automatically convert and transfer content from video aggregators to my TiVo!  
via noDRM  
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession  
15 Aug 2005 22:04:00 -0500  
Z Channel: a Magnificent Obsession is a documentary about a hitherto little-regarded corner of the film-consuming universe: a small subscription cable TV service that served a patch of Los Angeles between 1974 and 1989. Though it never had more than 90,000 subscribers, Z Channel performed an extraordinary role in film culture - largely, you have to suspect, because its main audience was made up of the most concentrated film-oriented community on the planet. "Just talking to Alexander Payne and Quentin Tarantino," says Cassavetes, "guys who were growing up in LA when Z Channel was operating, you realise it's all about the sensibility of seeing films you love, all the time, uncensored. I think it was a perfect fit for Los Angeles. All the industry was there, these films that had no release, or very limited release, would get great exposure on Z. It was a great forum for showing films and having everyone in LA who was in the industry discover the film-maker."  
Check out the trailer  
Worship The Glitch Now Includes Enclosures  
15 Aug 2005 19:53:00 -0500  
You can now subscribe to Worship The Glitch with iTunes or any number of media aggregators that support XML Enclosures. All WTG media will be enclosed and can be synced to your portable device.  
Now you can listen to and view those tidbits you didn't get a chance to fully examine while reading WTG at work. This should be useful for listening to these elements during the commute home at the end of a long day.  
Stephane Peray on Israeli Extremists  
15 Aug 2005 15:27:00 -0500  
Burroughs Reads Dead Roads, Cat Inside  
15 Aug 2005 14:13:00 -0500  
William S. Burroughs reads from "The Place of Dead Roads" and "The Cat Inside."  
The original title of this book was The Johnson Family. "The Johnson Family" was a turn-of-the-century expression to designate good bums and thieves. It was elaborated into a code of conduct. A Johnson honors his obligations. His word is good and he is a good man to do business with. A Johnson minds his own business. He is not a snoopy, self-righteous, trouble-making person. A Johnson will give help when help is needed. He will not stand by while someone is drowning or trapped under a burning car.  
Cindy Sheehan vs. President Bush  
15 Aug 2005 14:06:00 -0500  
Image Hosted by  
Between the rocks  
15 Aug 2005 13:20:29 -0500  
Between the rocks  
Originally uploaded by quas.  
maurizio cattelan  
15 Aug 2005 11:33:00 -0500  
"maurizio cattelan's art often combines sculpture and performance. cattelan has a subtle sense of the paradoxes of transgression, the limits of tolerance. since the early 1990s, his work has provoked and challenged the limits of contemporary value systems through its use of irony and humor. he teases the art world without ever falling into the naive trap of thinking he can subvert a system of which he is part. "  
via we make money not art.  
15 Aug 2005 09:05:00 -0500  
A TivoToGo add-on has been developed for Orb, the portal that allows you to stream your TV, photos, music and videos to any web-enabled device.  
Through the modern miracle of the open API, you can now program and view your TiVo anywhere. Of course, TiVo already offers this functionality, but not in real-time. The Orb method should allow you to stream content, rather than downloading it.  
Orb has a lot in common with TiVo. A TiVo box aggregates your digital media within the home. Orb aggregates your media outside of it.  
via engadget  
someone might want to tell orb about firefox, as early adopters are likely to be browsing with it. and while the service doesn't require ie, the site can be quite hard to read without it.  
Corporal Tunnel's Julie Atlas Muz Photos  
14 Aug 2005 22:51:00 -0500  
Burlesque dancers run the full range from strippers to part-timers to grad students to tricksy types to choreographers to exhibitionists to whatever-it's-my-body square pegs. And then there are some who are simply artists at what they do, their bodies standing as a kind of flesh canvas. Julie Atlas Muz is an artist like that.  
Images are NSFW. Text is clipped form Corporal Tunnel's photostream.  
Jane Jensen: Candy & Razorblades  
14 Aug 2005 14:46:00 -0500  
Jane Jensen, actor and musician, has been on mind lately. Tracks from Comic Book Whore have been popping up on my iPod lately, and I'm really rediscovering the album again. I also watched her biggest film, Tromeo and Juliet, again the other night. So, I spend some time searching around the net and found that it's very hard to find any current info.  
She grew up in Indianapolis, IN, and eventually moved to Chicago. She joined two members of Die Warzau to form the group Oxygiene 23. With them, she released an album with Fifth Column; songs on invisible, and compilations on Dragonya. She relocated to New York City, where she released her debut solo album, Comic Book Whore, with Flip Records. She signed with Interscope Records and spent a year-and-a-half recording demos, eventually leading to her decision to record and release her next album on her own. Burner was self-released and sold over the Internet. Jenson also has acted in numerous independent films and theater productions, and has contributed to the soundtracks Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV, Tromeo and Juliet, and Crow: Salvation.  
[from all music guide]  
I'll do my best to bring whatever linkage I can find to you. In the meantime, check out this mp3 from her second album, Burner.  
Candy and Razorblades  
FX is the new HBO  
14 Aug 2005 12:47:00 -0500  
FX Network has some phenomenal programming right now. This is smart, creative programming that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator. When you let the likes of Dennis Leary and Morgan Spurlock run wild, you're bound to get something good.  
* Rescue Me [tivo] - created, produced, and written by Dennis Leary. Leary has finally been unleashed, and exposed as a immensely talented artist.  
* It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia [tivo] - created, written, and produced by its stars, this show is effortlessly original and funny.  
* 30 Days - created and hosted by the man behind "Supersize Me," this is an unassuming "reality" tv show that dedicates a 1/2 hour to unpolished experiments in the same vein as "Supersize."  
* Starved [tivo] - created, written, directed, and produced by one of its stars, Starved asks you to laugh at a comedy about eating disorders.  
FX dares to broadcast programs that are not created by committee. And the results are superb. If this isn't the future of all basic cable channels, it should be.  
The Perplexing Life of Erno Rubik  
13 Aug 2005 23:34:00 -0500  
Any modern marketer could have told him why the Cube would fail.It was put out by socialist bureaucrats who didn't know how to sell it in the first place, and who then made a grand mess of things when it became popular anyway. The Cube's excruciating complexity (it has one correct alignment and 43 quintillion* wrong ones) violated that basic tenet of modern capitalism: no one ever goes broke underestimating the intelligence of the public. It also violated the toy industry's standards: it didn't talk, whistle, cry, shoot, change clothes, appear in a movie, or require batteries.  
Yet it became the fastest- selling toy in the world and probablythe most popular puzzle in history.  
via growabrain  
Pixsy nifty, but unnecessary.  
13 Aug 2005 23:06:00 -0500  
Pixsy returns image search results that don't even come close to the completeness of Google or Yahoo. It seems like they spent more time on the nifty little "searching..." animation than they on the actual engine. Or, maybe they just need some time to index more images.  
I can't think of a reason to actually use this, but it might be worth it to take a quick peek.  
MP3: Venom Spoken Excerpts  
12 Aug 2005 12:50:00 -0500  
"In 1986, Black Metal legends Venom played what some thought of as an unlikely bill with Rollins-era Black Flag at famed punk dump City Gardens, in scenic Trenton, New Jersey. The club was a magnet for all types of unsavory social elements -- skinheads, criminals, bikers, leather-studded punks, people who liked Meat Beat Manifeto, and so forth. Anyway, the punkers, metalheads, and general thugs who turned out for the show not only got to witness two of the more badass bands of the era sharing a stage, but were also treated to some of the most (unintentionally?) hilarious between-song stage banter ever, courtesy of Venom's knuckle-dragging vocalist Cronos."  
Follow the link for more info and the downloadable mp3.  
The Bubble Magician  
12 Aug 2005 11:42:52 -0500  
The Bubble Magician  
Originally uploaded by tarotastic.  
Dump Tom Delay. Vote For Nick Lampson.  
12 Aug 2005 09:37:00 -0500  
"Nick Lampson embodies the mainstream values and middle-class work ethic of southeast Texas, where his family's roots run deep and the future still plays out against a wide horizon of hope.  
From local office to the U.S. Congress, Lampson has demonstrated that authenticity and straightforward leadership still have the capacity to make a difference in people's lives.  
Lampson is running for the 22nd Congressional District to bridge the difference between the Texas that is and the Texas that can be.  
'Texas is on the road to greatness,' Lampson says. 'We will get there if we set aside the narrow, partisan interests that hold us back and unite behind the kind of strong, independent leadership that can chart a new course toward progress and prosperity.'"  
Language Is A Virus  
12 Aug 2005 09:20:00 -0500  
Witing toys, games, gizmos, text generators, cut up machines and more. Do you imagine yourself to be the next Gysin, Borroughs or P-Orridge? If yes, you might want to stroll over to Language Is A Virus, which is a superb place to study and particpate in experimental writing excercises.  
A B C  
Witing toys, games, gizmos, text generat ors, cut up machines  
and more. Do you im agine yourself to be the next Gysin, Bor  
roughs or P-Orridge? If yes, you might w ant to stroll over t  
o Language Is A Viru s, which is a superb place to study and  
particpate in experi mental writing excer cises.  
Kirk Anderson on The Busheviks  
12 Aug 2005 09:12:00 -0500  
Carla Gugino in Best Life magazine  
11 Aug 2005 17:46:00 -0500  
While thumbing through the latest issue of Best Life magazine (I have a free subscription), I found myself wondering why someone bothered to start up yet another generic GQ/Esquire-wannabe men's magazine.  
Then I got to the photos of Carla Gugino.  
Pick up this issue and show it to your friends the next time they make fun of you for liking Son In Law.  
Call Me Burroughs
Call Me Burroughs was originally released by Gait Froge through her English Bookshop in Paris during the summer of 1965, subsequently released internationally through ESP records in 1966 and relatively recently re-released in CD format in 1995. These were the first of William's readings to be formally released. They featured excerpts from his novels Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine and Nova Express, recorded and edited by Ian Sommerville in Paris during 1965. This was also the first time that the public had heard his voice, and these recordings provide fine examples of Burroughs' dry and emotionless midwestern drawl.  
with mp3 downloads
brion gysin
A regularly updated blog with a focus on William S. Burroughs, Ana Voog, Brion Gysin, Julie Atlas Muz, Genesis P-Orridge, Ween, TiVo, glitch art, beer and politics.  
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The "Cut-Up" method of creating poetry came about in the 1950's. Brion Gysin had sliced up part of a newspaper and happened to notice that by combining random parts of the text, one could come up with some interesting passages. William Burroughs, with his already-fragmented style, soon jumped on the bandwagon, producing cut-up poetry and prose. Anyone with a pair of scissors could be a poet.
When punk rock hit San Francisco (c.1977), I started publishing in angry reaction to mass media articles that reduced punk to spitting and safety pins. Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti each gave me $100, and through 1979 I published, edited and distributed 11 issues of Search & Destroy. My editorial policy was one of empowerment: "Do It Yourself/ Anyone Can Do It/ Always ask, Is it against the status quo?"--the punk credo.  
In 1980 I started RE/Search with initial funding from Geoff Travis of Rough Trade Records and actress/film director Betty Thomas. At the same time, an old friend loaned me enough money to start a typesetting business. This enabled me to realize my dream: putting out slick, large format books with uncompromising, high-quality "underground" content. The '80s saw the release of RE/Search books on William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, J.G. Ballard, Incredibly Strange Films, Pranks,and my best-selling, trend-starting Modern Primitives. During the '80s typesetting was my day job, publishing my labor of love.  
By 1991, having put out two underground bestsellers, the support of independent bookstores and small regional distributors made it possible for me to live on book publishing, and I sold the typesetting business.  
Now, corporations control book distribution and they chew up and spit out independent books (literally returning hundreds of shop-worn, ruined books every month for credit towards brand new ones). Independent publishers like us are rapidly going belly-up (e.g. Henry Rollins' 2.13.61, and the Gates of Heck). If you don't want corporations deciding what you are able to buy and read, please support us by ordering directly from us - NOT Amazon - at our online store.  
And we will continue to publish new material without compromise.  
MySpace site
Swiss artist Andreas Gysin refers to ertdfgcvb as "a container for useless Shockwave projects". In fact, much like (previous LF post), it's a unique collection of audiovisual interactive experiments, most of which are small in size (less than 1000 kb).  
Includes Fan and Ball game (related LF post).