Last nite while working at the golf range. I sold Old LF user, maggie, a bucket of golf balls.  
I recognized her because fb had suggested her as a friend a while back. the mutual friends were glitch and jones, maybe clu.  
anywho, it's a small small internet.  
Maggie: So, this oh-so-random meeting has me back here (and I'll point out that it's been over 4 years). Thanks for being so nice, despite the, what I can only imagine to be, REALLY surprised look on my face. Had jones actually told me that you were in Atlanta and had seen me before, I might not have seemed like such a weirdo. Glad to meet you and as I live very close to said golf range and my boyfriend is an addict who is "forcing" me to learn, I'll be back.
Yay for Nostalgia!
jones: linkfilter brings back linkfilter memories.
LinusMines: :: w00t ::