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I've put some thought into this and because posting a longish response works better in a regular blog format than a Facebook post, I'll share my response.

Narnia - either deal with the White Witch, who's pretty much Satan, or live in a theocracy under Aslan who's pretty much Jesus. There's probably some other stuff from the other books but it's all one big Christian allegory.

Hogwarts - probably the way to go. If they mean Hogwarts circa Harry Potter, you're deal with England circa early to mid-90s, which isn't awful, plus you've got magic. As long as you keep your head down, you probably won't deal with the crazy stuff Harry and his friends had to deal with. If it's modern day, then great - you can do magic in peace, though there's all sorts of messed up things about the wizarding world but I guess you could live amongst muggles and do magic on the sly.

Wonderland - you have to deal with the White Queen who's absolutely insane, and deal with all sorts of other crazy characters who seldom adhere to logic or reason.

Camelot - don't know enough of the Arthurian legends, but sounds like it's just Medieval England which means life would be pretty crummy.

Neverland - might not be too bad - Captain Hook might bother me or something? I have no idea what I'd do if I was an adult in Neverland.

Middle Earth - get to go on adventures and get gold and glory, but if it's LotR era Middle Earth, then I have to worry about the forces of Sauron pillaging my village or whatever. Living in the Shire, smoking pipeweed outside a hobbit hole sounds tranquil though.

Westeros - why would anyone want to go there? It's all the bad stuff of Medieval England with all the bad stuff of standard fantasy settings. If you're noble born, you have to worry about some rival noble murdering you to advance their own power. If you're just a lowly peasant, then you have to worry about some rival lords deciding to brutally kill you in pretty warfare against your lord in their attempt for increasing their own power. You don't get magic or cool races like elves and stuff like in LotR but you get dragons who are treated like nuclear weapons and can totally destroy everything in their path.
The past 4 years for me (slightly longer)

I don't want to dredge up old drama or anything like that, but I just kinda wanna share how I am. Believe it or not, my life is pretty decent right now. Not amazing, not exactly where I imagined myself, but I'm getting by.

I have a girlfriend who's really awesome and really hot, plus we actually have common interests and it's not a purely physical relationship. Work is decent, I'm now paid enough such that I can at least support myself. This past year I got my own apartment and this past month, I finally got my driver's license. I actually have friends off the Internet who I do stuff like play board games and roleplaying games with. I current DM a game of D&D on a weekly basis and I find that fulfilling. I'm kinda in the process of figuring out the optimal thing for me, I'd like to start my own business as I do have some ideas and I'm figuring out other things I can do with my degree aside from academia or public policy work.

I sometimes find pleasure in small things in life. It used to be that something small would happen to me and it would ruin my entire day. Sometimes that still happens but more often, usually someone will do something like give me a good laugh and it makes my day. I also find pleasures in small things in life like sitting on the couch and reading a book in peace or watching Netflix in bed.

It's weird but a lot of it is just luck on my part. It's not quite I had a moment of clarity or something but it's that I was able to be in the right place at the right time.

I realize that when I was active here, I wasn't a pleasant person to be around. I'm not really apologizing for how I felt but I can now understand why it turned a lot of people off and how it killed the vibe around here. Some of you might think I'm still the same person as I was 4 years ago but I'm afraid that's not quite the case.

Again, I'm not trying to revive any old drama or conflicts I might have had here, I just want to share how it can get better and trust me, I never really thought it could get better.

tl;dr of the past 4 years for me
I got better.