Next Tuesday, the world stops for millions of Americans as they finally clutch copies of the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV. As in a few other incarnations of this bloody, aggressive adventure, the action takes place in Liberty City, an Earth-2 version of New York City. But forget the rampant crime and streetwalkers that will presumably be haunting every street corner; this one is supposedly the most lifelike New York yet. Manhattan has become Algonquin, Lady Liberty is renamed the Statue of Happiness. Four of the five boroughs are represented (sorry Staten Island). You can even visit Coney Island:  
While I'm sure the designers of this game were too busy rolling up $100 bills and smoking them like cigars, hopefully they recognized their achievement in a long line of New York City themed video games.  
It's probably futile to do so, but here's my partial history of New York City in video games. The difficult part is actually figuring out, in fact, if a game takes place in New York. For instance, Frogger could take place in New York, if the West Side Highway straddled a Hudson River full of logs and turtles. Pac-Man is certainly a metaphoric representation of the Financial District. If Donkey Kong is an homage to King Kong, wouldn't that mean he's throwing barrels from the Empire State Building?