The Record
This is The Record, a blog about music news produced as a collaboration between NPR’s Arts Desk and NPR Music. Every day we’ll be talking about the music you hear — and why. We’ll take a close look at the machines that influence what you hear, when, how much it costs and where the money goes, who works with whom and who really shouldn’t have.  
We’ll be talking to the people who leave their fingerprints on a song as it makes its way from an idea in a musician’s brain to a file on your computer. We’re tossing a wide net out there, but it’s one knit together by a collective obsession with the unfolding conversation between musicians and listeners and an agreement that disagreements can make that conversation better.  
You’ll find us asking “Why?” a lot. For example, we’ll ask why trends develop, examine how critical consensus forms and report on the events that change the way we all get, and use, music. We'll also point you in the direction of things on the web we think are worth your time.