Now there is an easy way to find out if you’ve been caught up in recent hacks by the likes of LulzSec and Anonymous, who claim to be in it for the “lulz” (fun) or are trying to make a political statement and have published their data hauls online for dramatic effect. An Australian technology professional and former security consultant, Daniel Grzelak, has built a Web site, “  
To see if your info is there, simply visit the site and type in your e-mail address — he promises that he will not capture or store it. If it’s found, you will be told how many times and get tips for creating strong passwords and using them safely.  
Mr. Grzelak said in an e-mail that he created the tool for family and friends who had heard about the “LulzSec shenanigans” and were concerned about what it meant for them. “I wanted to give them A, an easy way to check if they were affected and B, some simple advice on what to do if they were.”  
LulzSec and others who have taken and exposed data may not use it maliciously themselves. But more criminally minded “underground folks either already have the databases or quickly download them, while the average person just keeps going on about their business, oblivious to the carnage; unless of course their Facebook or Twitter accounts get violated,” he said.