Polis is a collaborative blog about cities, with a global scope. It is a space for regular contributors and readers to share ideas and information about anything and everything urban, from multiple lenses. Our contributors come from a range of perspectives – from planning to art to architecture to social science. We have lived in cities as far-flung as Barcelona, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, London, Moscow, Mumbai, and New York. We have worked in places like Bogota, Dhaka and San Salvador. We have walked the streets of Bangkok, Istanbul, São Paulo, Singapore, and Tehran.  
Cities are as old as civilization, but 2009 is the year we officially became an urban species. As cities grow and the globe shrinks, we hope to be part of the conversation.  
This blog has its roots as a spinoff of Where, also a collaborative blog about cities. When Where dotted its last sentence in August 2009, we decided to create a new forum to continue thinking out loud about cities.