...1080plus is an interactive simulcasting platform which allows you to watch your favourite Youtube videos in real time with your friends and family as well as other people from around the world...right now you could visit the site, enter the global chatroom and select people that are simulcast broadcasting so that you could view and watch with them what they are watching. You could also go to the control panel and turn on simulcast broadcasting yourself to become a video DJ entertaining your watchers. (source: Patreon)

Imagine a retrograde version of a 21st-century social music site (or better yet, the LF chatter designed for the space-age future of the 1990s).

Hat tip to Andy Baio for bringing this brilliant beast to my attention.

Doesn't work on mobile for me but...

From the description it sounds a lot like a focused version of what I've been experimenting with on linkyloo. It's a direction of like to take linkfilter toward. I think live sharing sites are the next big thing. Blip experimented with a shared viewing concept too, but it never got enough attention to turn into anything.


Whoah it's kind of insane.