Media Matters for America will document and correct conservative misinformation in each news cycle. Media Matters for America will monitor cable and broadcast news channels, print media and talk radio, as well as marginal, right-wing websites that often serve as original sources of misinformation for well-known conservative and mainstream media outlets.  
this site is not fighting fire with fire. it's fighting it with water. the best way to combat lies is truth.  
jinx: depends on how liberal your definition of truth is.  
points out the economic downturn happened during bush's tenure. which it did. the us economy is not a mini-cooper. it doesn't change direction in a few months. the previous 8 years are a much better indicator of what gave the market its inertia.  
site goes on to give evidence for the counter-point again, though they don't seem to understand they're doing it.  
NBER's Business Cycle Dating Committee has determined ... that that expansion that began in March 1991 ended in March 2001 and a recession began. The expansion lasted exactly 10 years, the longest in the NBER's chronology.  
the fact that it was the longest lends strong credibility to it being an unnatural cycle. which in hindsight we all know: the growth, at least during the last 4 years of it, was artificial. witness the market carnage that followed and the colossal corporate crime that was going on for years before bush made the rounds.  
bush is an irresponsible budget busting moron; see The Cato Half-Way House's “On Spending, Bush Is No Reagan,” by Veronique de Rugy and Tad DeHaven, Tax and Budget Bulletin No. 16, August 2003, for some specific numbers on how bad.  
and another,, which counters nothing, gives no "facts," it merely presents an unpleasant quote from rush limbaugh showing both how ignorant he is and how much this site is concerned with emotional propaganda.  
both parties and their corporate sponsors twist facts and only talk about the more convenient historical coincidences that cast them in a good light.
glitch p-udding: i'll stand by my statement. none of these are examples of fighting fire with fire. the site is not just shooting lies back at the right. they're either bringing things to light, trying to backup statements with nonpartisan data, and flat out disproving lies from the right...for example, this story in which they laid to rest any debates about the whole ribbons/medals thing.