From an Israeli McDonald's TV ad:  
Vincent: You know what they call a Quarter Pounder in Israel?  
Jules: No.  
Vincent: McRoyale.  
Jules: A McRoyale...  
Vincent:That's right. And guess what they call the pita bread with turkey meat.  
Jules: What?  
Vincent: McShuarma.  
Jules: A McShuarma...  
Vincent: Yeah.  
Jules: So, a guy just walks into McDonald's and says "I'll have a McShuarma, please?"  
Vincent: Yeah, but they don't say "please" in Israel, alright?  
No, seriously. I find it interesting that calls it both a McShuarma and McShoarma in their URLs, while the Israeli blogger calls it a McShwarma. I guess it doesn't translate to the Latin alphabet very well.
The Exile: Hebrew and Arabic are historically written down without most of the vowels -- iirc in semetic languages the vowels sounds of almost every word change depending on its gramatical context. So when they get written in foreign alphabets that _do_ use vowels, each translator is free to come up with their own version of the vowel sound, depending on what they think it sounds like. For this reason there is almost never any agreement on the English spellings of words such as Taliban/Taleban, Al Qaida/Qaeda, Quran/Qoran (or Koran - no agreeement on stuff like K's and Qs either) etc. Almost every Arabic name has more than one valid English transcription.